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Live the creative dream
and get paid for it

Hi there!

I’m super excited to share my new book all about my art journey and how I made money from art doing what I love most- painting. Best of all, I’ve written it to help inspire you on your own art path.
It’s packed full of inspiring ideas as I share how I left the corporate world and a six figure income to take a creative leap of faith.

In a short amount of time I went from being an unknown artist to tripling my previous salary and having a beautiful life in the Barossa Valley with my two kids.

Although I have a great life now as an artist and mentor that wasn’t always the case

  • I used to be trapped in a job on a wage when inside I was desperate to express myself creatively
  • I was afraid of change
  • I had no savings, only my holiday pay when I left my corporate job
  • I wasn’t even sure I could paint
  • I was worried no-one would be interested in my work
  • I didn’t know how I would support myself and my two children as an artist
  • I didn’t know anyone when I moved to a small country town in South Australia and started painting full time and raising my kids on my own
  • My friends told me I was insane to leave a good life in Sydney to pursue my art

Join me as I share the real challenges I faced and how I overcame them.
My ideas will inspire you and will help you become a successful selling artist too.
I went from being a complete unknown to a nationally highly sought after artist making a great income from my paintings. And you can do it too!

Here I am at the start of the journey, heavily pregnant with baby number two on her way, at my exhibition launch just before I left my corporate job to become a full time single mum and artist.

Art is not for an elite few, it’s for anyone who has the courage to try

I believe anyone can paint and have art in their life. Art is not for an elite few, it really is for anyone courageous enough to desire it and to take the action to have it. You don’t need art school or a degree to be a real artist either.

If you have that hunger and yearning to have art in your life, then this is written for you. My book ‘Make Money From Art’ is definitely going to inspire you to achieve that.

Meet the new breed of artist; the Artrepreneur

Once upon a time I thought being an artist meant being poor and having no options. They didn’t teach how to be successful at art school and most of my friends who were artists were struggling. I have since learned that this needn’t be the case. There is a new way to be a successful artist. You don’t have to wait for it to come to you. You can go out there and help yourself.

I have made far more income from my painting than I ever did in the corporate world, and I have had a lot more fun and freedom along the way working in my own art practice than I have working for a wage for someone else even though my job by any standards was a good one.

Through my art I have;

  • Travelled the world many times and my paintings have paid for it
  • Provided for my kids and created a stable lifestyle
  • I have invested in property
  • Been an invited VIP guest artist for an international perfume house launch
  • Painted live at the Opera House
  • Painted live for charity
  • Been on tv and in magazines
  • Painted hundreds of commissions and sold hundreds of paintings
  • Become a specialist art tour guide writing my own itineraries
  • Created an international art school
  • Met amazing people and celebrities and made meaningful lifelong friends
  • Created an online global art business
  • Learned to believe in myself no matter what
  • Discovered that being an artist is truly the best job in the world
  • Put my kids through the best schools and taken them around the world
  • Created my own time table
  • Had the best time of my life
  • Satisfied that creative itch and found peace in my heart
  • Lived life to the max and loved every minute of it

With my two kids outside the Louvre in Paris. My love of art and painting has taken us all over the world and even paid for it.

If you want to wake up to your creativity and own your own time-table every single day, if you love the idea of connecting to your joy and passion and being paid for that, you are going to love my book.

Make Money From Art is going to be your best friend on your art path.

Whatever you do, don’t quit your day job till you’ve read my book!

OVER 400 pages of inspiring reading and  ideas in a generous oversize glossy paperback.
Plus 32 pages of full colour
INCLUDES A FREE BLOOMS ART LESSON and an artist resource section.
Hurry! This is already selling fast and numbers are limited.


inc GST and postage within Australia

Ever wondered what it would be like to follow your dreams?

Have you put your passions on hold and given to everyone but yourself?

I was exactly there in that stuck place, then I accidentally became a single mum and I made a whole new set of decisions…

From city to country, art director to artist, single to single mum, I share the fabulous journey through challenging times and triumphs as I found my way to a creatively fulfilled life I was well paid for.

Through my story learn;

  • How to take a Creative Leap of Faith and hit the ground running
  • How to create a distinctive Body of Art that Sells
  • Tips to adjust to Change and Live like a Thriving Artist
  • Ways to Become an Overnight Success
  • How to give yourself Permission to Be and Create
  • Discover Anything is Possible with the Right Mentor
  • Smart Ways to Create a Global Business from Your Kitchen Table

OVER 400 pages of inspiring reading and  ideas in a generous oversize glossy paperback.
Plus 32 pages of full colour
INCLUDES A FREE BLOOMS ART LESSON and an artist resource section.
Hurry! This is already selling fast and numbers are limited.


inc GST and postage within Australia

I am thoroughly immersed. A great read.

Hayley Kruger Gradwell
Artist and Mum, WA

Whilst reading, I just found myself laughing out loud

with my tea coming out of my nose… who would have thought that such an incredible artist could also be such a great writer!

I find myself looking for a highlighter so I can go back and reflect in more depth at so many different pages! Loving it so far!

Kelly Lyn Beckett
Artist, Brisbane

Make Money From Art is a very inspiring and fast

paced read leaping along in the story and enveloping you into the luscious world of painting and eating…..

Hard to put down, the vulnerability and strength of character in jacqueline comes through beautifully. She defied the odds and stuck to her dream of making a living from art despite the initial difficulties she faced in providing the bare essentials for herself and her children. It is exciting reading about her invisible path and where it led her.

Packed full of ideas for developing yourself as an artist and daring to give it a go. This book is a winner! Enjoy the ride! It’s a rollercoaster from beginning to end.

Joy Connell
Artist & Nurse, Brisbane

I am loving the read and can barely

put the book down! What a brave life. Love the stories of your beautiful young babies- they have grown so much with their lives as well surrounded by art.

Amanda Gear
Artist and Midwife, ACT

We know you are a great artist

but no offense, who knew you could actually write as well!

Librarian and artist assistant, Barossa Valley

Oh, it’s making me cry, bringing back all the memories!

I’m enjoying it!

Maggie Bath
the author’s mum